Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Jewell

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Jewell

Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment at Jewell

Follow-up Phase 2 ESA for a small warehouse building and open air storage yard was completed to an ‘audit’ standard. The Phase 1 ESA suggested historical use for storage purposes. Scope of works included soil sampling at 5 locations, installation of 2 new wells and a GME of a total of six monitoring wells.

Groundwater Investigation & Phase 1 ESA at Jewell Station, Union Street Brunswick

Redevelopment of this rail development site required an expanded site historical review and testing of previously installed groundwater wells on a former dry cleaning premises in anticipation of a future site audit.

Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment at Jewell Station, Wilson Avenue & (Part of) Barkly Street, Brunswick, Victoria

Former dry cleaning site at an inner suburban rail station area required a Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment including review of a previous report, site inspection, soil and groundwater sampling and report for development to the site.