EPA Compliance

Dealings with the environment regulator (expected or otherwise) about an EPA compliance issue can be stressful. Fortunately for our clients, Atma Environmental has the experience and knowledge to assist when things go pear-shaped or accidents happen, in reviewing activities where environmental risks exist, and where regulator contact is required. We provide the following compliance-related services:

  • EPA Action Notices
  • General Environmental Duty
  • Duty to Manage (Contaminated Land)
  • Duty to Notify (Contaminated Land)

Our pro-active services relating to duties will assist clients manage their new obligations under the Environment Protection Amendment Act.  We have the necessary regulatory experience to roll out bespoke compliance solutions for owners/managers of small to large land portfolios.

Contact Atma Environmental today to discuss how we are able to keep you fully compliant with EPA compliance issues in an evolving regulatory climate.

Our Experience Saves Developer’s Money When Dealing with EPA Compliance Issues

An environmental consultant doing a soil assessment for an EPA compliance report.