Expert Advice on Contaminated Land

Control Site Development Costs with Atma Environmental

It is important to understand that an environmental consultant plays an extremely important role in controlling the total costs associated with site development – especially if they are used early in the site development process.

Our Experience Saves Developer’s Money When Getting Advice on Contaminated Land.

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A contaminated land assessment is best performed before any construction work or demolition begins, because this allows for early disclosure of the site contamination issues and an opportunity to formulate the most cost-effective strategy in dealing with site contamination.

It also eliminates the real problem of construction delays while necessary environmental assessments are made and prevents any costly conflicts between the requirements of the site investigation vs. the site construction (e.g. placement of monitoring wells).

For more information on contaminated land download our report “What You Need To Know About Contaminated Land”, which provides a comprehensive overview of what the main considerations are when developing contaminated land and how your total costs can be controlled.

Speaking of these conflicts, another important point to be aware of in controlling your total development costs is that demolition or construction can cause cross-contamination of otherwise clean areas on a site, causing an increase in site remediation costs! This can sometimes be very costly, (for example spreading asbestos into soils, mixing contaminated soils with otherwise clean soil) and often these kinds of issues can be totally avoided and big savings made, simply by bringing in a competent environmental consultant early on.

Unforeseen contamination issues that arise during construction or demolition also add other expenses because they cause construction delays including down time, holding charges and unused site facilities, as well as posing potential OH&S issues – with all their associated statutory and civil liabilities. All this can lead to further significant cost blow-outs. Again, these issues can be minimised by engaging with an experienced environmental consultant who is able to identify the data gaps and the site contamination ‘risk areas’ early on.

By providing timely identification of site contamination issuesthorough planning, multiple remediation options and prudent advice on how to best navigate the complex regulatory and environmental issues associated with site development; your contaminated land specialist is an important key in managing your development costs. By conducting an evaluation of the known site contamination and working closely with the developer, Atma Environmental can advise clients on the merits of various site development options to minimise costs.

Our Experience Saves Developer’s Money When Getting Advice on Contaminated Land.