Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Junction Village 3977

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Junction Village

Preliminary Site Investigation at Shaw Road, Junction Village, Victoria

To meet the requirement of the Botanic Ridge Precinct Structure Plan for an environmental site assessment to determine the sites contamination status with regards to proposed sensitive land uses and advice as to the requirement for an environmental audit; a Preliminary Site Investigation (without sampling) was completed, with further investigation recommended.

Preliminary Environmental Site Assessment at Botanic Drive, Junction Village

A Preliminary ESA (historical with soil sampling) on an agricultural property was completed to comply with the Casey’s Urban Growth Zone planning requirements (re. intended residential subdivision). Targeted investigations found isolated arsenic and TRH contamination and widespread suspect asbestos containing material across the farm area. Removal of the suspect asbestos containing material and further assessment/remediation was recommended to ensure the site meets expectations for residential use.