Asbestos Fibre Air Monitoring

Para-occupational air monitoring / Airborne asbestos fibre monitoring

Para-occupational air monitoring, also known as control monitoring or asbestos fibre air monitoring, is the sampling of air from locations immediately adjacent to an area where asbestos removal work is being conducted.  It serves as a quality check on the containment control measures implemented by asbestos removalists and can identify whether airborne asbestos fibres are escaping the asbestos work area.

Atma Environmental conducts para-occupational / airborne asbestos fibre monitoring in conjunction with our in-house AIOH accredited hygienist, providing a holistic service from consultation to asbestos removalist control checks.

Para-occupational or asbestos fibre air monitoring is compulsory during Class A asbestos removal work, or where the works may constitute a risk to people nearby. Class A asbestos removal work refers to the removal or disturbance of friable asbestos materials (able to become airborne via hand pressure), or asbestos contaminated dust.

Our Experience Saves Developer’s Money When Getting Asbestos Fibre Monitoring.

While the Victorian OHS regulations do not require para-occupational air monitoring to be conducted during Class B works (relating to the removal of bonded asbestos materials such as cement sheet), great consideration should be given to conducting this control check when these works are conducted in a public place or where the works could potentially affect unprotected persons.

We recommend air monitoring be conducted around all asbestos removal works to give you piece of mind that your home or business has not been contaminated and to make sure the people your responsible for have not been exposed to asbestos fibre.

If you are a licensed removalist or project manager supervising asbestos decontamination works and need airborne asbestos fibre monitoring, contact our office today to discuss our competitive rates.