Soil Disposal Melbourne – Soil Categorisation Testing

Our expert soil categorisation testing and soil disposal service can save land developers tens of thousands in soil disposal costs. Read below and watch the video on this page to understand how and why…

Our Experience Saves Developer’s Money When Getting Soil Categorisation Testing.

We provide an expert soil categorisation testing service for developers requiring soil disposal services. In Victoria, prescribed industrial wastes (including contaminated soils) need to be managed in accordance with EPAs Industrial Waste Resource Guidelines (IWRGs).   Frequently, remediation on a site entails the offsite disposal of contaminated soil to a licensed landfill.  Prior to acceptance at a landfill, prescribed industrial waste (contaminated soil) needs to be classified as Category A, B or C (with ‘C’ being the lowest hazard category).

We have over three decades of experience in soil classification/categorisation testing. That means we how to legally apply sampling plans to your best interests and thats vitally important. Here’s why.

The per tonnage rates for treatment/disposal of Category A and B contaminated soil is a critical factor in your site remediation costs – even on small volumes (these being several times higher than Category C rates).

But because Atma Environmental are experts in application of the IWRGs as they relate to soil disposal classification, we advise you on the best sampling plan to categorise your wastes so your overall disposal costs are kept to the minimum possible.

Bare minimum (Low cost) soil classification plans more often than not end up costing you more, especially when there are large volumes of soil involved and soil that could be categorised as Fill or Category C, ends up being categorised as B or A, simply for the want of a knowledgeable environmental consultant who understands how to legally apply sampling plans to your best interests.  Atma Environmental ensures your waste is classified to the lowest justifiable disposal category possible and supplies detailed soil categorisation reports to ensure none of your trucks are turned back by the waste disposal facility for insufficient information.

And if your soil is not contaminated, even better. Under the provisions of the new Environment Protection Amendment Act 2018, we can issue soil ‘Declaration of Use Statements’ for soil that is to be reused. We can also provide you the Clean Fill Certificates (reports) that allow for offsite disposal other than in a licensed landfill, or to enable its reuse on another site.

Our soil testing approach has proven time and time again to be invaluable in managing our clients’ commercial interests. That’s because the costs of an ill-conceived sampling program (resulting in a disposal classification higher than otherwise required), is always much more expensive than the extra investigation work required to better assess a body of soil for disposal.  That makes it critical that you select a competent environmental consulting firm committed to minimising the ultimate costs of offsite contaminated soil disposal.

Some practical examples of the value of our superior soil testing methodology

Detailed assessment in-situ and segregation – a thorough investigation to classify soil prior to excavation can significantly reduce clean-up costs if there are concentrated areas of contaminated soil identified and separated from clean areas. Thousands of dollars can be saved.

Use of statistics – these can be used to determine average soil contaminant concentrations, which may be less than suggested by following the minimum testing requirement.  Again, this can result in significant savings.

If you are in Melbourne and have soil disposal needs (clean OR contaminated) contact our office now. No one does soil categorisation testing for soil disposal better than Atma Environmental.