Environmental Management Plans (EMPs)

Atma Environmental are leading contaminated land consultants in Melbourne, and as such, we have extensive experience in preparing and implementing various kinds of Environmental Management Plans (EMP’s) to meet client, EPA or site auditing requirements.  An EMP will set out the known site condition, values that need protection, an evaluation of the risk ranking and the mitigation measures that need to be adhered to in order to protect the values identified.  We can assist clients with:

Our Experience Saves Developer’s Money When Implementing Environmental Management Plans.

Because of Atma Environmental’s track record as a multidisciplinary project manager we are able to prepare simple to complex SEMPs covering not only contaminated land, but encompassing flora and fauna values, cultural heritage issues, hydrology and building/construction risks as well.  Australian Government guidelines on EMP’s can be found here.  In addition, Atma Environmental will assist clientele with the ongoing implementation of any type of EMP by providing site checks, plan auditing and EMP compliance reporting.

For more information on contamination management plans or GQMPs, or any other issue around the management and compliance with regard to contaminated land, follow the hyperlinks above or  call Atma Environmental now on +61-3-9429 6955.