Soil Vapour Assessment

Where a sites history indicates the potential of contaminants in soil or ground water, a soil vapour assessment, sometimes called a soil vapour investigation, may be required. Atma Environmental provides expert soil vapour assessment service in Melbourne, in fact we are at the forefront of soil vapour investigation in Melbourne.

Soil vapour investigations (sampling and assessments)

Our Experience Saves Developer’s Money When Getting Soil Vapour Assessment.

Unlike non-volatile contaminants (such as metals) which typically do not pose a risk to human health if a site is sealed, volatile vapours (from contaminant sources in the soil or in groundwater) can migrate through concrete and building slabs and pose a potential risk to human health via the vapour inhalation pathway.

A soil vapour assessment being performed on a development site.

For soil vapour investigations (as may be due to site contamination by dry cleaning solvents, degreasers, petrol and other volatile organic contaminants, or VOCs), Atma Environmental routinely employs a variety of passive and active sampling methods (such as Waterloo membrane samplers and passivated Summa canisters).

Atma Environmental can save clients significant sums in assessing risk by employing these vapour sampling techniques on non-source sites where other exposure pathways are not relevant, in lieu of more expensive direct investigations of soil and groundwater.

Based on the vapour assessment data collected we are then able to keep your project moving through to the relevant next stage – whether that is risk assessment, or the design of vapour barriers.  The timely identification of volatile soil vapours through soil vapour investigation at a site can significantly mitigate later costs where gas ingress needs to be managed.

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