Site Remediation Experts in Melbourne, Australia

Site-remediation involves the mitigation or removal of pollutants from soil, groundwater, sediment, or surface water, that pose a threat to human heath or the environment.  Atma Environmental are the ‘go to’ environmental consultants in Melbourne because our sole focus is to ensure that your development approvals are obtained in the most cost effective manner possible. You can explore our in-depth experience in many forms of site remediation in the visual menu below. 

What Is The Single Most Important Fact About Site Remediation In Victoria?
As a developer of land, it is vitally important to recognise that site remediation is potentially the most elastic expense in a sites development. That’s why it’s wise to identify potential contaminants on a site as early as possible, to avoid acquiring unforeseen liabilities or the risk of spreading environmental liabilities to other parts of the site that are NOT contaminated.  (Note this is an expensive mistake often made, even though it is completely avoidable).

Having highly experienced contaminated land consultants like Atma Environmental on your team at the earliest possible moment in your site search or development, is the best way to avoid cost blowouts or unwelcome surprises. We will help you select the best remediation method & technology for the specific site circumstances and ensure your contaminated land liabilities are managed in the most cost effective manner possible.

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