Our Mission

Professionalism, Value and Service’ is the credo on which Atma Environmental was founded in 1996.   Our mission then and now is to provide outstanding service and excellent advice in all areas of contaminated land practice, to be a preferred services provider and a preferred place of employment.

Our sole focus is to ensure that your development and compliance approvals are obtained in the most cost-effective manner possible.

We value quality and professionalism in all its forms; our promise to our clients is to be accountable for our work and to honour our word.  We value partnership, safety, responsiveness, effective communication and strive to accomplish results beyond our client’s expectations. These values we declare are our obligation to our customers and ourselves equally.

Our Vision: ‘A National Leader in Environmental Consultancy’

Atma Environmental is fulfilling on this vision by being true to its mission, by being an ethical, equal-opportunity employer, by reducing its carbon and environmental footprint and by tending it’s greatest resource – people.

Environmental Consulting Melbourne
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