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Environmental Site Assessments - Preliminary Site Investigation - Phase I ESA, Phase II & III ESA

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If your firm is looking for fast responsive environmental site assessments call Atma Environmental. We have been providing environmental consulting services to land developers, builders, government bodies and other commercial and industrial concerns for more than 16 years. Glenn Berry, the Founder of Atma Environmental has over 29 years direct experience in environmental consulting on contaminated land and groundwater issue.

Our expert consultants excel in environmental site assessments ESA Phase I, II & III, especially in the context of pre-purchase due diligence, and in support of statutory contaminated land audits.

We have forged an industry leading reputation for delivering a service that meets the critical needs of Project Managers, in both the corporate and government sector, by providing timely, well documented, detailed environmental assessments and all associated reports.

Why is Atma Environmental Different from Other Environmental Consultants?
That’s easy; we put your needs first! Because we know our services are critical to the companies we serve, we do more than make promises, we live up to them! Click here to see a list of environmental consulting references that prove beyond doubt that we provide better service to our clients.

We can assess all your environmental compliance and contamination risks in property transactions and provide advice on how best to deal with any contaminated soil, groundwater or site remediation issues. We also provide peer review of other consultant’s reports and manage and implement contaminated site remediation plans.

You can rely on Atma Environmental for fast, cost effective environmental site assessments (ESA I,II & III), advice on contaminated land audits, and all associated site remediation and project management regarding ESA's.