Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Craigieburn 3064

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Craigieburn

Limited Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment at Craigieburn Road, Craigieburn, Victoria

Urban fringe development land. Following an earlier Preliminary Environ Site Review, the client engaged Atma Environmental to conduct the further site sampling required to ensure contamination levels at the site met requirements for residential development.

Soil Disposal Classification at Craigieburn Town Centre

Atma Environmental provided written soil classification advice in relation to numerous soil samples collected and tested by the client.

Advice and Limited Soil Investigation at Potter Street, Craigieburn, Vic 3064

Concerns at a secure government printing facility lead to an inspection of the site to identify areas of environmental concern. Based on these observations, soil sampling was then conducted to assess soil below the concrete floor in a metal plating machine area. Diligent work by Atma Environment confirmed minimal impact by metals, however, discovered a major isopropanol product leak.

Preliminary Environmental Site Review at Craigieburn Road, Craigieburn, Victoria/p>

Preliminary Environmental Site Review of large urban fringe site for the purpose of determining whether the site is potentially contaminated according to DSE guidelines. Report was completed on a tight timeframe.

Soil Disposal Investigation at Our Lady’s Primary School, Craigieburn, Victoria – Corner Craigieburn W and Bridgewater Rds, Craigieburn

Atma Environmental was engaged by four schools to conduct soil disposal investigations to make was for new school facilities. This allowed the client to ascertain appropriate costings for disposal of fill material.

Soil Investigation Report at Windrock Avenue, Craigieburn, Victoria (proposed Craigieburn North Primary School)

Soil Investigation of fill material placed on a portion of the site following the initial ESA report.

Site Suitability Assessment at Corner Grand Boulevard & Windrock Avenue Craigieburn North

Site suitability assessment for the Department of Education & Training. Involved a Preliminary Environmental Site Assessment and project management of a team consisting of archaeologists, flora and fauna consultants and a geotechnical consultants.