Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Cranbourne 3977

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Cranbourne

Asbestos Testing at Arbourlea

A major builder called out Atma Environmental to sample bituminous suspected asbestos-containing material covering a large diameter underground pipe and confirm any safe working measures required.

Soil Disposal Classification in Autumn Fields Drive, Cranbourne North

Suspect soils arising from development of a former farm area were sampled for off-site disposal purposes. Following initial results our recommendation for further sample testing reduced the volume of Category C Prescribed Industrial Waste from 315 m3 to 75 m3.

Hydrogeological Assessment in Berwick-Cranbourne Road, Cranbourne East, Victoria

Hydrogeological Assessment of a new development due to shallow water tables in the Casey-Cardinia area and an existing fuel tank on site.

Environmental Site Assessment in Proposed Cranbourne NW Primary School, Camms Rd, Cranbourne West, Victoria

Atma was engaged to conduct a detailed assessment and ascertain the environmental condition and suitability of the site for future Primary School use.

Phase I ESA in Between Berwick-Cranbourne Road and Nelson St, Cranbourne, Victoria

Site historical assessment and investigation as to existence of shallow groundwater to support a subdivision permit application currently with Council.

Soil Investigation in Lancashire Drive, Cranbourne North, Victoria

Analysis of soil samples for pH/sulphate and discussion of results with respect to buildings and structures.

Soil Stockpile Classification at Proposed Cranbourne North East Primary School, Cranbourne, Victoria

Conduct soil investigations and prepare recommendations for management of soil stockpiles located onsite.

Soil Sampling at Cranbourne-Frankston Road, Cranbourne

Soil sampling sub-contract.