Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Brunswick East 3057

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Brunswick East

All Environmental Advice required for rezoning and contam land audit at Albert Street & Hutchinson Street, Brunswick East, Victoria

Major Project, Brunswick East. An existing commercial-use site located upon a former quarry site having some 6 m of contaminated fill with proposed basement excavation and multi-level residential development. Atma worked with client to establish investigation and auditing information requirements, provide estimates of environ. liabilities for finance purposes. ESA activities included soil, groundwater and soil vapour assessment activities to an audit standard.

Check Sampling at Brunswick Road, East Brunswick

Atma Environmental completed verification sampling of a site on behalf of an inter-state auditor to validate the initial assessment consultant’s work.

ESA and Health Risk Assessment (HRA) for Certificate of Environmental Audit

HRA completed to prevent remediation of site, found to be slightly contaminated, requiring Certificate of Environmental Audit.

Classify Soil for Disposal

Assistance to a heavy engineering firm was rendered to classify oil contaminated soils in accordance with EPA Bulletin 448 for disposal.