Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Werribee 3030

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Werribee

Limited Investigation, Landfill at Ballan Rd, Werribee

Further to the surprise discovery of landfilled wastes during redevelopment of this public facility, a brief program of soil sampling and test hole supervision was undertaken with further recommendations provided.

Limited Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment at ‘Werribee Railway Station’ Werribee VIC (Comben Drive)

The local rail station area, inclusive of 45 different railway lots, had a Limited Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) completed. Scope of work included: brief site history review, a site reconnaissance visit and comprehensive reporting on each, including inspection reports for Rail Infrastructure Lease (RIL) and 45 lots within the station precinct and railway corridor. Objective of this was to establish and document the past and current site uses in order to identify potential gross site contamination issues, assess potential contamination liabilities and risks to owner/site occupiers, and to comment on the suitability of the site for ongoing use in its current format.

Preliminary Environmental Site Assessment at Crown Allotment 2, Black Forest Road, Werribee, Victoria

Urban fringe land, largely barren. The client engaged Atma to conduct a contamination assessment for planning and development purposes.