Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Warragul 3820

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Warragul

Preliminary Site Investigation at Peace Avenue, Warragul, Vic.

A detailed site historical review and reconnaissance for divestment/planning purposes of this industrial laundry clearly established possibly contaminating past land uses and when/where these uses occurred. Keywords: dry cleaning, perchlorethylene, white spirits, UST, utility (telephone) depot, textiles.

Preliminary Contamination Investigation at Cambridge Drive, Warragul

A preliminary soil contamination investigation was completed within part of a public reserve intended for use as a new community garden space.

Limited Soil Investigation at Wills Street, Warragul

A cost-effective limited soil investigation including four hand augur boreholes was completed for pre-purchase due diligence purposes.

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment at Wills Street, Warragul

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment for pre-purchase due diligence purposes of this apprenticeship training facility (carpentry) having former automotive, welding and electrical uses was conducted to determine the potential environmental contamination liabilities.

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment at Crole Drive, Warragul

A Phase 1 (‘Stage 1’) Environmental Site Assessment was completed on a former paddock to identify any past uses that could potentially contribute to the denial of a planning permit for a children’s day care centre by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD). This was completed without site sampling.

Limited Soil Investigation at Henshall Street, Warragul

In order to secure bank financing, a limited soil contamination investigation at the location of a recently removed underground fuel storage drum was completed within the boundaries of a residential property. This showed that remaining soils were not impacted, that further investigation was not required, and enabled the financing to be concluded.