Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Swan Hill 3585

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Swan Hill

Detailed Site Investigation at Swan Hill Regional Livestock Exchange, Swan Hill

Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) of Swan Hill Saleyards inclusive of a former livestock plunge (sheep dip).

Groundwater Investigation at Police Stn, Swan Hill

Police Station – previous fuel tank decommissioning and soil sampling works by others (2006) required an Initial Groundwater Investigation for site divestment purposes. Three groundwater investigation wells were installed and sampled adjacent to the Murray River.

Soil Testing & Disposal Classification at McCrae Street, Swan Hill, Victoria

Atma Environmental conducted Soil Testing and Disposal Classification at the client’s request. After 10 stockpile samples were analysed, the stockpile was classified as Clean Fill.

Sheep Dip Investigation at Former Livestock Dip Location, Swan Hill Sale Yard (Karinie St, Swan Hill)

Atma Environmental was engaged to collect preliminary soil testing to provide an indication as to the presence of contamination at the former Livestock Sale Yards.

UST Removal at Pioneer Settlement, Swan Hill, – Monash Drive, Swan Hill

Conduct soil sampling from an underground storage tank of estimated 1000 L capacity in a public use area.

UST Removal and Validation & Waste Soil Classification at Hastings Street, Swan Hill

Conduct soil sampling from two tank nest excavations and two soil stockpiles to ascertain the contamination status of the stockpiled material prior to off site disposal and to determine its suitability for reuse on-site, and to ensure that no large concentrations of contaminants (above NEPM ‘E’ Setting HILs) remained in the walls and floors of the tank excavations.