Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Rockbank 3335

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Rockbank

Hydrogeological Assessment & Groundwater Use Feasibility Study, Western Highway, Rockbank, Vic.

Hydrogeological Assessment was completed to meet a permit application requirement, as stipulated in Section 3.1 of the Urban Growth Zone – Schedule 3 in the Melton Planning Scheme for this very large land parcel (98.5 ha) via programme of five groundwater investigation bores with no identified constraints to development. Additionally, Atma completed a Feasibility Study for groundwater use and extraction to service the landscaping needs of the proposed new sub-division.

Preliminary Environmental Site Assessment at Troups Road North, Rockbank, Victoria

Urban fringe land containing poultry sheds and surrounding paddocks. The client engaged Atma to conduct a contamination assessment for planning and development purposes.