Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Plumpton 3335

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Plumpton

Further Soil Investigation & Clean Up at Beattys Road, Plumpton

Further to a previously completed report (ref. 901, Dec-11), requirements set by the local Planning Authority regarding contaminated soil (Category B PAHs) on the site required its delineation and removal. To assist, Atma Environmental works included: extent sampling on a tight grid to minimise volumes, soil excavation, stockpiling, re-testing, off-site disposal management and final reporting to the satisfaction of Council.

Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment at Beattys Rd, Plumpton

The client’s site had previously been used to receive large amounts of fill material and was ordered by VCAT to test this. Atma Environmental devised a cost effective testing regime in accordance with EPA Victoria ‘Industrial Waste Resource Guidelines’ to characterise the material. Test pitting at 37 locations demonstrated that all material was clean, bar one location.