Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Parkdale 3195

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Parkdale

Preliminary Site Investigation at Como Parade West, Parkdale, Victoria

Preliminary Site Investigation of former mechanic workshop / service station for divestment purposes. Targeted soil sampling at five locations with one borehole converted to groundwater monitoring well. Analytical results of soil samples did not identify gross contamination. No exceedances to HILs for current commercial/industrial use. Groundwater analytical results reported volatile organic contaminants suggesting onsite sources of contamination. Further investigation recommended.

Soil Remediation & Validation at Parkdale Secondary College, Warren Road, Mordialloc East

Following the discovery of strong hydrocarbon odours during construction work at a school site, we were mobilised urgently to advise on dealing with site contamination. Atma Environmental expertly guided the extent of soil removal, categorised soil for disposal, verified the effectiveness of site decontamination works and then provided written assurance that the site was considered suitable for educational purposes.

UST Validation at Parkdale Secondary College, Warren Rd, Mordialloc, Victoria

Conduct soil samples in the vicinity of an underground storage tank and provide advice as to the required extent of tank excavation.