Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Mordialloc 3195

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Mordialloc

Soil Disposal Categorisation, Park St, Mordialloc, Vic.

Stockpiled soil was classified as ‘Category C PIW’ (Arsenic and Benzo(a)pyrene) based on the outcome of the highest sample results. Leachability also conducted.

UST Validation at Parkdale Secondary College, Warren Rd, Mordialloc, Victoria

Conduct soil samples in the vicinity of an underground storage tank and provide advice as to the required extent of tank excavation.

Preliminary Soil Contamination Investigation at Alex Avenue, Moorabbin, Victoria

A Preliminary Soil Contamination Investigation was instigated as a condition of the termination of the lease agreement between the client and the owner of the site. The site is in a highly industrial area, and the premises was tenanted to a smash repairs and mechanic shop.

Tank Removal & Validation at Northern Avenue, Moorabbin Airport, Victoria

Atma Environmental was engaged by the client to provide removal and environmental validation of a disused 400 G underground waste oil tank at a commercially zoned (airport) site.

Clean Fill Qualification

Assessment was made of a proposed excavation containing 7,000 m3 of soil for disposal so as to render advice on the classification of the soils being disposed.