Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Maidstone 3012

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Maidstone

Preliminary Soil and Groundwater Investigations w/ Estimates at Ballarat Rd, Maidstone, Vic.

The objective of this investigation was to complete a preliminary but targeted assessment of the site’s contamination status to a suitable level that would provide information to allow determination of associated liability. Based on the findings of the preliminary soil and groundwater sampling program, estimates for liabilities in association waste oil UST (Category B PIW), two fuel USTs (Category C PIW) and fill material across the majority of the site (Category C PIW) were provided.

Indicative Soil Hazard Classification Investigation at Scovell Reserve Pavilion Scovell Crescent, Maidstone

Atma collected and analysed soil samples collected at the development of Scovell Reserve, as development works may generate an unknown amount of soil requiring off-site disposal.