Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Laverton 3028

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Laverton

Baseline Contamination Investigation at Boundary Rd, Laverton North

Prior to new leasing arrangements, a baseline assessment to AS4482 requirements of this metal reclamation (wrecking) site was conducted. Our scope of work consisted comprehensive soil sampling to ensure acceptance of the report in any legal proceedings, and resulted in the identification of PCBs and heavy hydrocarbon contamination at the site.

Soil Quality Monitoring at South Laverton

In order to ascertain the effectiveness of soil amendments in soils previously used at a former salt works site, weekly sampling of the soil profile in an irrigated test plot was carried out over a period of several months. Soils were tested for EC/pH/Na.

Water Quality Investigation at South Laverton

Sampling and analysis of both surface water and ground waters for nutrients was performed on a priority basis for the client at a new residential development on a former salt works site.

Soil Quality Investigation at South Laverton

Topsoil quality on a large salt works site was investigated to determine its suitability for reuse. Numerous recommendations pertaining to the use of the soils on residential lots, such as amendments required, were also made.