Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Korumburra 3950

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Korumburra

Preliminary Soil Investigation at Station St, Korumburra, Victoria

The client engaged Atma Environmental to collect and analyse soil samples from the site, to assist in ascertaining the contamination status of the soil prior to bulk excavation.

Tank Removal Validation Letter: at Burra Foods – Station St, Korumburra, Victoria

Atma Environmental was engaged by the client to validate a tank excavation at the above site and to determine the contamination status of the resultant stockpile, providing advice on the potential re-use of material onsite or confirm its off-site disposal classification.

Further Site Assessment and Remediation at Princes Street, Korumburra, Victoria

Subsequent to the findings of a previous Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) by Atma Environmental in 2008, further investigation was undertaken to identify the extent of two lead hotspot areas and remove the affected material.

Phase 1-2 ESA at Princes Street, Korumburra, Victoria

This Environmental Site Assessment was undertaken to assess the suitability of the site for acquisition for use as an extension of the school to the south.