Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Keysborough 3173

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Keysborough

Environmental Site Assessment for Audit at Stanley Road, Keysborough

Atma Environmental was engaged to conduct an Environmental Site Assessment for Audit due to an Environmental Audit Overlay on a site in Keysborough consisting of market gardening land with house, garage and shed in preparation of a proposed aged care facility. Included in the scope of works was a full historical review and inspection, soil sampling, groundwater sampling and reporting to audit standard.

Environmental Site Assessment for a Contaminated Land Audit at Newson Street, Keysborough, Victoria

Detailed ESA of former market gardening land for future residential sub-division to satisfy requirements for a contaminated land audit. Atma Environmental further managed the required site demolition works on behalf of client.

Preliminary Environmental Site Assessment at Church Road, Keysborough, Victoria

Agricultural development land. Atma completed a Preliminary ESA including a historical review, site inspection and limited soil sampling to provide client with an indication of the contamination status of this large land development block. Our well informed sampling program identified widespread impacts to potential benefit of client.