Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Iron Bark 3550

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Iron Bark

Environmental Management Plan at Susan Street, Ironbark, Victoria

Environmental Management Plan (EMP) was created to document the site management requirements due to mine tailings contamination present, and to inform future site users/property managers/owners on appropriate measures required to manage the contamination.

Preliminary Environmental Site Investigations at Susan St, Ironbark

DHS Capital Works Program – Preliminary Environmental Site Investigations were conducted by Atma Environ to determine: whether there has been potentially contaminated use of the land, probable contaminants and, the possible locations of contamination prior to capital works on the site. This included a desktop review, site inspection and limited soil sampling.

Detailed Environmental Site Assessment at Susan Street, Ironbark, Victoria

Due to Preliminary ESA findings Atma Environ was engaged to complete a detailed site assessment to assess suitability for residential purposes and inform human health risk assessment due to arsenic from former mine tailings.