Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Highett 3190

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Highett

Phase 1 Environmental Due Diligence Assessment at Graham Rd, Highett, Vic.

Multinational corporation required a preliminary environmental, occupational health and safety and regulatory review be conducted on this manufacturing facility prior to purchase. The project was executed for a UK client who was kept abreast of the results via the internet.

Further Environmental Investigation at Graham St., Highett

Further Environmental Investigation at a former commercial facility (involving manufacture, painting, packaging and assembly of hospital/medical-aid appliances) to satisfy Victoria Land Monitor requirements. Targeted sampling was conducted and confirmed the presence of ACM in fill.

Records Check and Site Inspection in Graham Rd, Highett

Limited Phase 1 for divestment purposes. EAO affects the site formerly used for manufacturing, packaging and distribution of daily aid equipment. Site reconniassance identified floor staining in former manufacturing area, likely fill and asbestos debris on the site.