Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Glen Waverley 3150

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Glen Waverley

Environmental Site Assessment at Mckelvie Court, Glen Waverley, Vic.

A limited ESA was conducted for pre-purchase purposes for possible commercial use. Fill and nearby USTs identified. Sampling suggested no site contamination.

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment at High Street, Glen Waverley

A Phase 1 (‘Stage 1’) Environmental Site Assessment with Sampling was completed to identify any past contaminating uses in respect to a permit for a children’s day care centre.

Soil Disposal Classification at Coleman Parade and Kingsway Road, Glen Waverley

Further investigation works were completed to confirm the off-site disposal classification of in-situ soils at a landmark development site at Glen Waverley.

Limited Soil and Groundwater Assessment at Arcade Site at the Glen Waverley Station, Glen Waverley, Victoria

For a major new development at The Hub a limited soil and groundwater assessment was completed to confirm site conditions would not hinder the project and to follow up certain historical site information.

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment at Arcade Site at the Glen Waverley Station, Glen Waverley, Victoria

The site included a retail shopping arcade including 12 premises dating from the 1960s and required detailed occupancy review to assist in plans for a major new development on the site. This identified past dry cleaning tenants and informed the required future works.

Phase 1 ESA at Gallaghers Road, Glen Waverley, Victoria

The subject property has undergone a Stage 1 Environmental Site Assessment for the purpose of satisfying the Department of Human Services requirements under the Children’s Services Act, 1996. As part of this assessment a site history was obtained, standard environmental record sources were reviewed and a site reconnaissance was conducted.