Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Frankston 3199

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Frankston

Potentially Contaminated Land Assessment at Foot Street, Frankston, Victoria

To address a request from Council for additional information on the nature of the previous land use or activities on the site, how long the activities took place and what is known about any site contamination, Atma completed a breif review and check sampling to provide assurance that the site was suitable for the purposes in the application.

Due Diligence Site Assessment at Lardner Road, Frankston

This due diligence project included a soil contamination assessment to identify any unacceptable contamination as well as project management of additional investigations including a Part 6 asbestos report, geotechnical assessment, and demolition advice.

Limited Environmental Site Assessment at Limited Environmental Site Assessment: Oliphant Way, Seaford

Atma Environmental was engaged to conduct a Limited ESA within a vacant site at Frankston. After a historical review, limited soil sampling and site inspection, and on basis of the limited analytical work carried out, contaminant levels potentially harmful to human health were not identified or otherwise considered unlikely.