Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Dunkeld 3294

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Dunkeld

Limited Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments at Dunkeld

Limited historical reviews of 14 rural railway sites across Western Victoria to determine past legacy contamination issues and assess current site conditions to inform ongoing management requirements.

Soil Investigation & Haz Mat Assessment at Lyrebird Village III, Drouin Neerim Street, Drouin

Soil investigation and hazardous materials survey of the site for demolition/pre-construction purposes. However, the job did not go ahead due to project being cancelled.

UST Validation at Drouin P.S. School Road, Drouin, Victoria

Tank removal validation report for an Underground Storage Tank on the site.

Preliminary Environmental Site Assessment

Baseline/suitability ESA of rail sidings for possible new lease aimed at identification of any gross contamination or major offsite impact potential.