Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Donvale 3111

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Donvale

Environmental Site Assessment for Audit at Mitcham Road, Mitcham

Atma Environmental assumed the role of site assessor for this former plant nursery when the appointed Auditor ascertained (by investigation) that there was likely to be some remediation required due to widespread anthropogenic Arsenic. We worked through the various toxicology, human health risk assessment and site clean up issues, using bioaccessibility testing to minimise the associated clean up costs to the client; then managed all required services for site decontamination and delivery of site suitable for standard residential uses.

Pro-bono Soil Investigation at Monterey Crescent, Donvale

Assisting an elderly couple experiencing ill symptoms following a sewerage leak on their residential property, a ‘no fees’ pro-bono site investigation was provided to determine concentrations of biological contaminants (e-coli) within readily accessible areas and give advice on mitigation measures.