Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Clayton 3168

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Clayton

Underground Storage Tank Decommissioning at Browns Rd, Clayton

Project Management for the in-situ decommissioning of two fuel USTs with provision of a factual letter report.

Phase 1 & Preliminary Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment at Carinish Road & Browns Road, Clayton, Vic.

An exhaustive site historical review of this major off-set lithographic printing operation covering a 6 ha industrial site was completed to identify the likely nature and sources of site contamination. A Phase 2 ESA was then carefully planned (taking into account the ongoing print operations) and conducted consisting of 36 soil sampling locales and 9 groundwater monitoring wells to confirm there were limited areas of environmental concern.

Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment at Former Clayton West Primary School, Alvina Street, Oakleigh South, Victoria

ESA to document the findings of environmental soil investigations on a former school site which is now the site of a proposed residential estate.

Phase 1-2 ESA at Former Clayton West P.S., Alvina street, Oakleigh South, Victoria

Educational Land. The subject property has undergone a staged Phase 1-2 ESA to assist client in re-zoning of the land for residential purposes.

Soil Disposal Investigation at Monash University, Clayton, Victoria

Soil investigation for disposal purposes. Short notice call-out.

Preliminary Site Assessment and Soil Sampling

A historical review of past land usage and records along with a site reconnaissance visit and soil sampling was conducted to determine if there were any recognisable environmental liabilities associated with the site prior to purchase and redevelopment.