Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Bridgewater 3516

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Bridgewater 3516

Soil Disposal Investigation at Our Lady’s Primary School, Craigieburn, Victoria – Cnr Craigieburn W and Bridgewater Rds, Craigieburn

Atma Environmental was engaged by four schools to conduct soil disposal investigations to make was for new school facilities. This allowed the client to ascertain appropriate costings for disposal of fill material.

Limited Phase 1 ESA at Western Victoria, Goldsborough, Tarnagulla, Llanelly, Arnold, Kurting, Inglewood, Bridgewater, Derby, Leichardt, and Marong.(VicTrack sites)

Environmental Site Assessment for the purpose of ascertaining and advising on possible environmental contamination on ten sites.