Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Blackburn 3130

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Blackburn

Preliminary Soil Contamination Investigation at Kalang Park Pavilion, Blackburn Vic.

Preliminary soil contamination investigation at Kalang Park (8 boreholes to ~ 0.5 m or natural) to assess risk to construction workers and/or future site users and to comment on the indicative soil hazard classification status of material for off-site disposal. Existing building will be demolished and replaced with a new pavilion, requiring trenching for new utilities.

Indicative Soil Contamination Investigation at Blackburn Library Blackburn Road, Blackburn

Limited initial limited site sampling for local Council was completed to determine the indicative soil disposal classification and to advise on any potential OH&S issues prior to redevelopment of the site.

Preliminary Environmental Site Assessment at Middleborough Road, Blackburn, Victoria

Retail Automotive site with car wrecking. Atma Environmental was engaged to perform a Preliminary ESA to provide potential purchasers of the site with an indication of the environmental and contamination status prior to purchase. Waste oil and other issues clearly delineated for full transparency.