Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Beaufort 3373

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Beaufort

Limited Soil Contamination Investigation at Farley Lane, Beaufort

A major regional processed food maker required investigation of the site located in a bushland setting prior to divestment due to previous dam disposal of liquid wastes containing caustic soda (ceased 20 years ago) and to identify any other contamination concerns. A brief historical review, contamination and soil quality testing found no issues on site that would restrict it’s divestment.

UST Validation & Stockpile Remediation at Park Rd Beauford, Vic

A previous Environmental Site Assessment of the above site completed by Atma Environmental in June 2008 identified three USTs at two separate locations and an area of soil in the northeast corner. One 2,000 L tank (Excavation 1) and two 15,000 L tanks (Excavation 2) were removed on 11th June 2009 and all backfill material excavated to stockpile. After further testing, the site is now considered to have low Contamination Levels.

Phase 1-2 ESA at Park Road, Beauford, Victoria

An Environmental Site Assessment was undertaken to assess the suitability of the site for acquisition for use as an extension of the school to the east.