Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Bacchus Marsh 3340

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Bacchus Marsh

Environmental Site Assessment

Arsenic contamination of soils at a park and public playground was investigated. Historical review component indicated source of contamination was a former sale yard. Recommendations for further action were also provided.

Preliminary Environmental Site Investigations (7 no.) at Thompson Crt, Castlemaine / Strata Crt, Long Gully / Gisborne Rd, Bacchus Marsh / Hennessy St, Horsham / Holdsworth Rd, Bendigo / Susan St, Ironbark / Hakea Rd, Huntly

DHS Capital Works Program – Preliminary Environmental Site Investigations were conducted by Atma Environ to determine: whether there has been potentially contaminated use of the land, probable contaminants and, the possible locations of contamination prior to capital works on the site. This included a desktop review, site inspection and limited soil sampling.