Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Tocumwal 2714

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Tocumwal

Further Contamination Investigation at Tocumwal Station, Dean Street, Tocumwal

Previous Phase 1-2 site investigation works by Atma Environmental had identified potentially significant soil and groundwater contamination stemming from past use as an oil depot. The extent of soil and groundwater pollution, specifically in relation to the former rail off-loading pipeline, was intended to be further investigated to assess site contamination risk until client identified the polluter.

Limited Phase 2 Environmental Site Investigation at Tocumwal Station, Dean St, Tocumwal, NSW

Previous Phase 1 investigations at this rail site by Atma Environmental identified numerous areas of environmental concern including several petroleum depots and possible railway ‘legacy’ issues requiring follow up assessment by a Limited Phase 2 investigation.

Environmental Review at Tocumwal Station Grounds

Atma Environmental was assigned to conduct a brief review of previous reports of the site in question.