Groundwater Quality Management Plans

Cleanup and/or management of polluted groundwater should, where appropriate, be accompanied by a groundwater monitoring program, formalised in a GQMP.  This should specify such details as the location and frequency of sampling, as well as the measurements (that is, groundwater elevation and analyses) necessary to evaluate whether cleanup/management is performing as required.  Typically, the GQMP is an outcome of the clean up to the extent practicable process, where a groundwater quality restricted use zone (GQRUZ) may have also been declared.

Atma Environmental’s expertise extends to both the preparation and implementation of GQMPs. Specifically, preparation of the GQMP must consider:

  • Extent of the pollution
  • Contaminant type and properties
  • Local and regional hydrogeology
  • Beneficial uses of groundwater in the vicinity
  • Quality of existing groundwater data

GQMPs prepared by Atma Environmental will also set out ‘trigger levels’ to measure cleanup /management performance, a contingency plan describing the necessary responses if trigger levels are exceeded, and any controls on the use of polluted groundwater during cleanup/management.

Implementation of GQMPs involves the periodic monitoring of groundwater quality and occurrence – an area we excel in.

While onerous, groundwater monitoring under a GQMP may be ceased when certain conditions are reached.  If you own a site having a current groundwater quality management plan, contact our office today to discuss how we can cost effectively help you meet your requirements for compliance with the plan.