Underground Fuel Tanks

UST Removal & Compliance - Don't Risk an EPA Prosecution That Could Ruin Your Business Reputation

Failure to comply with Underground Storage Tank EPA guidelines can result in massive fines, consulting and legal costs not to mention possible community repatriation orders and civil lawsuits from members of the community.

Underground storage tanks and piping systems can corrode, crack and develop leaks. If the contaminants leak out and get into the groundwater, serious contamination can occur.

EPA Victoria has stringent guidelines covering the design, installation and management of underground storage tanks for petroleum. The guidelines (EPA Victoria Publication 888) are aimed at protecting the community, property and the environment from leaking fuel due to poorly designed, poorly managed or faulty underground storage tanks.

Contaminated Land Issues?
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UST Assessment and Compliance Management

Atma Environmental can assist UST owners by identifying underground storage tanks on old brownfield sites before you purchase and advise you on the associated environmental cost liabilities.  Do you know how many tanks you own?

Where there is a risk of contamination Atma Environmental will structure and undertake the full package of site assessment works required to determine the nature and extent of soil and groundwater contamination present, and and determine what protected Beneficial Uses of land and groundwater may be impacted.

Appropriate management of Underground Storage Tanks Systems requires ongoing compliance management and monitoring.  Atma Environmental provides Underground Petroleum Storage System (UPSS) Management Plans and monitoring bores (per EPA 888 guideline) to owners to help prevent contamination from occurring in the first place.

Turn Key Underground Storage Tank Removal (UST Decommissioning) Service

Metal tanks will reach the end of their useable life after 15-20 years.  For removal of old underground storage tanks and site validation testing (UST decommissioning) you only need to call Atma Environmental, we provide a turn-key UST tank removal service.

For more information on underground storage tanks (UST's) and your compliance obligations to monitor and maintain them to the relevant EPA standard, call Atma Environmental now on +61-3-9429 6955.