Underground Fuel Tank Removal

Underground fuel tanks on former service stations

Evidence of underground fuel tank

Are you the owner of a service station, or a former service station?  Many former service stations have since changed to other uses, often with their underground fuel tanks left behind, slowly corroding. Also, in the past, underground fuel tanks were widely installed at many commercial and industrial properties – a good deal of these now forgotten about, but still presenting a risk. Do you know how many tanks you own?

Underground fuel tanks pose a high potential for contamination and changes to the environment protection laws in Victoria (Environment Protection Amendment Act 2018) now require you to act and take steps to identify and manage risks to the environment and human health.

Underground Fuel Tank Testing & Assessment in Melbourne

As environmental professionals who are highly experienced in dealing with storage tanks, Atma Environmental is fully equipped to help you assess, delineate and manage contamination arising from underground and above ground fuel (and chemical storage) systems.  If you are unsure whether or not your property contains fuel tankage, you should immediately contact Atma Environmental for advice.

In addition to the Act, EPA Victoria has stringent guidelines covering the design, installation and management of underground storage tanks for petroleum, also known as underground petroleum storage systems (UPSSs). The UPSS guidelines (EPA Victoria Publications 888.4 and 1670) are aimed at protecting the community, property and the environment from leaking fuel due to poorly designed, poorly managed or faulty underground storage tanks.

Failure to comply with underground storage tank guidelines can result in massive contamination releases leading to significant impacts to land value, human health and environment.

Choose Atma Environmental and we will go through your facility in detail to identify operational or past/ decommissioned tankage locations, installation details, contents and the associated contamination risks via soil, groundwater and vapour.

UPSS Management Plans

Appropriate management of operational UPSS requires ongoing compliance management and monitoring of groundwater, or tank pit bores.  For compliance, Atma Environmental provides UPSS Management Plans and installation / sampling of monitoring bores (per EPA 888.4 guideline) to owners to help prevent contamination from occurring in the first place.

Underground Storage Tank Removal (UST Decommissioning) Service

Metal tanks will reach the end of their useable life after 15-20 years.  For removal of old underground storage tanks and site validation testing (UST decommissioning) you only need to call Atma Environmental, we provide a turn-key UST tank removal service.

For more information on underground fuel tank testing, environmental assessment, compliance, or removal call Atma Environmental now on 03-9429 6955.