Soil Contamination Remediation

Remediation may need to be performed on a site to reduce or eliminate contamination at identified areas and to make the site suitable for a specific use.  A Remedial Action Plan (RAP) is prepared and will usually include the following:

  • A description of the current site status (i.e. the site investigation report);
  • The choice of remediation method(s);
  • Application for and receipt of necessary permits;
  • Appropriate provisions for occupational health and safety of personnel;
  • Implementation of the remediation; and
  • Production of a technically sound report that is suitable for the purposes of the Contaminated Land Auditor, or other stakeholders.

In general, for small amounts of contamination, the most common and fastest method for clean-up is excavation and removal of soil to a licensed facility such as a landfill.

Other methods such as bioremediation and thermal destruction are available but may take longer to implement. Certain economies of scale will apply when selecting the best remediation method. In addition, the suitability of the clean-up method must be matched to the type of contamination.

Often in this process, soil needs to be transported offsite to a landfill facility to remove the contamination. When sampling is conducted for this purpose EPA Publication IWRG702 ’Soil Sampling’ needs to be followed, with the soil chemical concentrations are assessed against the requirements stated in EPA Publication IWRG 621 ‘Soil Hazard Categorisation and Management’.

As specialist contaminated land consultants, Atma Environmental have in-depth experience in many forms of site remediation on a wide range of site types. The keys to effectively decontaminating a site are: adequate site characterisation, excellent planning and site management, and flexibility in dealing with any deviations that do come up.

Why Atma Environmental is Your Best Choice for Site Remediation

Company Director and Principal Environmental Consultant Glenn Berry has over 30 years’ experience in contaminated land remediation, and personally supervises all site remediation jobs that Atma Environmental undertakes. Having such a senior Environmental Consultant oversee all remediation work means you can be confident that the right decisions are being made on your site, and that every decision made considers your best interests, including how to achieve regulatory compliance in the most cost-effective manner possible.

It’s worth noting that our vast experience usually translates to better outcomes for our clients, because the cost of site remediation works can be significant and better decision making and project management at site literally saves clients tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in the cost of remediation works.

We go into detail about this in the video sited on our homepage and recommend that you view it to see why we are the ‘go-to’ environmental consultant in Melbourne.

If you have any questions about site remediation, or require more information on cleaning up a particular site,
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