Groundwater Contamination Investigation

Groundwater Testing and Remediation Services

Atma Environmental provides a wide range of hydrogeological services including specialised groundwater assessment reports and can help you manage any groundwater remediation issues at competitive commercial rates.

Contamination of groundwater may occur as a result of leaking underground storage tanks, seepage from landfills, chemical spills and/or deposition of hazardous wastes in or on the ground. All Victorians have obligations to prevent groundwater contamination under the State Environmental Protection Policy (SEPP) “Groundwaters of Victoria”.

The identification of groundwater contamination is crucial in ascertaining the potential environmental liability associated with a site. Groundwater contamination should be assessed wherever there is an identified source of sub-surface contamination or significant potential for chemical leakage.

The assessment of groundwater contamination (a hydrogeological assessment) is a key element in conducting contaminated land audits.  Where a site is determined to be a source site for groundwater contamination, additional remediation or management requirements may be required.

Contaminated Groundwater Remediation

We provide a wide range of hydrogeological services:

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  • Desktop Reviews (as to likely quality and occurrence);
  • Groundwater Sampling and Contamination Assessments (for audits, service stations, industry clientele);
  • Compliance Monitoring (landfills and other EPA licensed facilities);
  • Determination of Groundwater Clean Up to the Extent Practicable, or CUTEP (for source sites);
  • Aquifer Testing (permeability and pump testing);
  • Product Recovery Rate Testing (for separate phase hydrocarbon layers); and
  • Remediation of Contaminated Groundwater.

Whether the site is a service station with LNAPL (light non-aqueous phase layer) or a dry cleaning plant with DNAPL (dense non-aqueous phase layer) contamination, whether you manage a refinery or are considering buying an inner city site, Atma Environmental and its hydrogeological staff have the required expertise to provide you with the specialised groundwater assessment reports you require, at competitive commercial rates, call +(613) 9429 6955.