Gas & Vapour Investigations & Assessments

Atma Environmental is at the technical forefront of landfill gas investigation and gas risk assessment in Melbourne.   We have an experienced team that is fully across the latest international methodologies and procedures for investigating the occurrence, distribution and risk posed by methane and other landfill gases surrounding closed and active waste disposal sites, as well as the associated issues of contaminated groundwater and leachate.Our landfill-related services include:

  • Tier 1 (Desktop) Landfill Gas Risk Assessment;
  • Tier 2 (Intrusive) Landfill Gas Risk Assessment;
  • Waste delineation and characterisation;
  • Soil disposal classification letters and ‘Clean Fill’ certificates;
  • Leachate/groundwater sampling and analysis.

Tier 1 risk assessments are now being routinely required by a number of Councils in respect of planning permits for sites within 500 m of former landfills and the accumulated experience we have on these sites means we are able to economically deliver these services fast.

Tier 2 risk assessments are required where the risk of methane is deemed higher. Atma Environmental provides the scoping, field execution, gas monitoring and assessments necessary to ascertain the risks to subdivisions and properties located in areas adjacent to both former and active landfills – including sites that may require an environmental audit.As contaminated land specialists, we also provide professional advice and make recommendations on other site contamination issues that may affect the granting of a planning permit, or ongoing landfill operations.

Our services extend to the actual wastes being accepted at landfill (including hazard classification, waste minimisation and removal) and to the assessment of historical waste disposal areas, such as former landfills and other tipping sites. In doing so, Atma Environmental will undertake hydrogeological investigations at landfills and reports on leachate impacts caused by past waste disposal practices.

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