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Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Essendon 3040

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Essendon

Limited Phase 2 Environmental Site Investigation at 'Essendon Railway Station, Essendon, VIC"(Rose Street, Mount Alexander Road, Russel Street)


Early feasibility and planning work required this assessment for a major re-development site in Essendon be completed. Soil and groundwater investigations required detailed Health and Safety planning and weekend works to minimise disruptions to local businesses. Past uses (specifically: possible dry cleaning operations, fuel storage activities and former railway activities) were targeted for investigation.

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment at Essendon Railway Station


Preparation of a detailed Phase 1 ESA of the Essendon Rail Station Precinct to gain an understanding of what restrictions may be imposed on any future development plans for the site.



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