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Environmental Consulting Jobs Done in Brooklyn 3012

Below is a list of Environmental Consulting jobs done by Atma Environmental in Brooklyn

Soil Classification at Brooklyn, Victoria


Sampling and analysis of 200 m long railway stockpiles for disposal or re-use purposes.

Soil Contamination Investigation at Jones Road & Bunting Road, Brooklyn


A soil assessment of three roadways (Jones, Bunting Rd & Federation Trail), within an industrial area of Brimbank City Council was completed to indicate the soil disposal classification and to characterise any risk posed to workers in the event the roads are rebuilt and a drain installed. Recommendations for drafting of an Environmental Management Plan were also provided.

Soil Disposal Classification Testing for Stockpiled Material at Old Geelong and Jones Road, Brooklyn


Soil disposal hazard categorisation of 150m3 of material generated from the installation of a new fire service suggested a Cat C classification, however, statistical evaluation of the results by Atma resulted in the material being classed as Fill.

Phase 2 ESA at Sunshine-Brooklyn Flyover, Brooklyn, Victoria


Railway infrastructure project in Sunshine-Brooklyn (fly-over construction) to investigate the concentration of contaminants within the soil to be removed from the site.

Remediation of Contaminated Soils


Implementation of a site environmental management plan and a site-specific risk assessment with the anticipated end result being re-use of contaminated soil to the extent possible at various locations along the Federation Trail

Soil Classification


Sampling and analysis of 200 m long railway stockpiles for disposal or re-use purposes.



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